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American Idol season 7 icontest
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An Icontest for the top 24 contestants of American Idol, Season 7!
Welcome to ai7_icontest!!

This is an icontest community dedicated to the top 24 contestants of the seventh season of American Idol!



[+] You must be a member of the community to participate in the contests, so join!
[+] You may still vote if you are only watching the community.


[+] No animation.
[+] No blending, unless from the same cap.
[+] Icons must be created from the caps provided.
[+] Icons must be brand-new creations!
[+] Submissions must remain anonymous until after voting and results are posted.
[+] Icons must be your own work.
[+] Do not tell anyone to vote for you! Please do tell people to vote in general, though. :]
[+] Do not vote for yourself - be a good sport!
[+] Icons must be usable on LJ - 100x100px and 40kb.
[+] Icons must not contain any offensive of inappropriate material.
[+] Ask the icon creator before taking any icons and please credit them for their work!
[+] Post your icons to the challenge post - comments will be screened.
[+] You must include the img src and the url for the icon. Don’t know how to post the img src and url? Check this LJ FAQ post for more information!
[+] Challenges will be posted every Sunday - although that is subject to change for any reason. The community will be informed of any such changes or hiatuses!


There will be two types of challenges to begin with – the weekly challenges and bi-weekly theme challenges.

Weekly challenges will be posted every Sunday. The deadline for posting icons will be the following Friday at midnight [EST time] unless the challenge post specifies otherwise. If there are not enough entries, the challenge will be extended.

Voting will be posted as soon as possible after the challenge is closed. The deadline for voting will be the following Monday at midnight [EST time]. Of course, if there are not enough votes, this deadline will be extended as well.

Weekly challenges will be based on each week of the Idol competition, starting at Top 24 week until the finale. These will include performance night caps only.

The bi-weekly challenges will be posted every other Sunday. The deadline for these challenges will be not the following Friday but the Friday after, at midnight EST. Voting will be open until the following Monday at midnight EST. The challenge and voting deadlines can be extended as necessary.

The bi-weekly themes will vary and have specific rules posted in the challenge post.


There will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, as well as the mod’s choice. The winners will be awarded a banner featuring the winning icon. The banners will be awarded as soon as possible after the results have been posted!


Remember to be respectful to the mods, members and the Idol contestants!

If there are any questions or concerns, feel free to contact any of the mods with a personal message – we are more than happy to help!

Don’t forget to have fun! Happy iconing!



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